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Celexon Motor Expert (16:9) 250 x 140 cm


The Expert series is a high-quality ceiling recessed screen perfect for the modern seminar or conference room, it is also equally impressive in a high quality home cinema environment. It is of excellent quality and suitable for all projectors.
The ceiling mounted Electric Expert screen blends in well in a modern conference or seminar room and in any high-quality home cinema environment. These screens come with outstanding technical and quality features and the fabric is of highest quality. They can be used with any projection system.

The recess ceiling installation is easy. After successful installation, the screen remains accessible via 2 side panels. The system is flexible and can be accommodated in a suspended ceiling between 12 and 110cm. The mounting frame allows a flush fitting between the screen and the suspended ceiling. Thus unobtrusive integration of the screen into the room is achievable.

The screen has a black border surround to improve the contrast of the projected image. The screen has a black back, impervious to light penetration and will allow it to be positioned in front of a window. It is fully adjustable and allows formats from 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 to 21.:9.

Included in the standard accessories are the screen (+ cable to wall unit), installation kit (includes fixings for the screen installation, a wall switch and installation and user guides). A radio remote control and 12V trigger set are optional.


Algemene gegevens
Fabrikant Celexon
Garantie 24 maanden
Beeldverhouding 16:9
Horizontale groote beeld 250 cm
Verticale groote beeld 140 cm
Gain 1.2
Technische details
Type aandrijving elektrisch
Gewicht en omvang
Gewicht  19 kg
Breedte 250 cm
Hoogte 140 cm
3-4 dagen
€ 1.194,00
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