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FLEXSON Wandmontage voor CONNECT:AMP wit


Flexson SONOS Connect Amp Wall Mount Bracket Flexson?s bespoke bracket for the SONOS Connect Amp allows you to discreetly wall mount the SONOS device. The Flexson Connect Amp wall bracket is precision engineered in England to perfectly match the size, style and colour of the SONOS Connect Amp Like all Flexson SONOS products, the Connect Amp wall-mount bracket allows for neat cable routing, easy fitting and flexible placement. It can be oriented to allow for cable connections at the most convenient position, and is supplied with an optional cable cover that makes things neater still. Flexson. Designed by SONOS users for SONOS users

- Wall Bracket. Bespoke design for SONOS Connect Amp
- Allows Connect Amp to be discreetly installed
- Flexible positioning, allowing for neat cable routing
- Available in white, to match the Connect Amp
- Comes with optional cable cover
- Precision engineered in England
- Quick and easy to fit
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