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Optoma HD36


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De Optoma HD36 geeft je een echte thuisbioscoop-ervaring. Of het nu 's avonds is of overdag, je geniet altijd van heldere Full HD beelden. Door de verticale lens shift verschuif je het beeld zonder kwaliteitsverlies. Je hoeft de beamer dus niet recht voor het projectiescherm te zetten. Dankzij de hoge lichtopbrengst projecteer je met de HD36 namelijk ook met de gordijnen open. Helemaal leuk is dat je ook in 3D kunt projecteren. Zo beleef je die ene romantische filmscène of actiegame nog intenser.


techniek DLP
helderheid 3000 lumen
beeldverhouding 16:9
resolutie 1920x1080
ondersteuning 3D Ja
contrastratio 30000:1
geluidsniveau 27 dB
poorten & interfaces
aantal hdmi-poorten 1
vga Ja
dvi poort Ja
rs 232 Ja
s-video Ja
composiet audio-ingang Ja
composiet audio-uitgang Ja
ingebouwde speakers Ja
12 volt trigger Ja
gewicht en omvang
breedte 386 mm
diepte 280 mm
hoogte 162 mm
gewicht 4500 gram



Garantiebepalingen Optoma Beamers & projectoren

Aanmeldingen van defecte Optoma beamers:


Het aanmelden van een serviceopdracht doet u heel simpel op de website


Optoma maakt hoogwaardige technologische producten en onderscheidt zich in de markt door de projectoren van de hoogste kwaliteit te leveren.

Dit blijkt uit het feit dan de uitvalspercentages van Optoma al jaren het laagst zijn.

Omdat Optoma zeer nadrukkelijk bezig is met de toekomst en dus ook gebruikers voor langere tijd aan zich wil binden wordt de service van Optoma projectoren nog verder verbeterd


Vanaf 1 augustus 2013 kunnen alle Optoma projectoren voor service en reparaties snel worden afgehandeld door Servilux BV.


Service is een vak apart. En wat Optoma betreft is het dynamische team van Servilux daarvoor de perfecte partner.Dankzij een zeer gestructureerde aanpak en zeer hoog serviceniveau geniet Servilux het vertrouwen van de grootste merken in de sector.

Dit geldt zowel voor reparaties binnen en buiten garantie.

Servilux biedt een totaaloplossing op basis van pick-up & return waarbij projectoren gratis (projectoren onder garantie) bij de klant worden opgehaald en teruggestuurd.

De status en het verloop van uw reparatie is vervolgens  zeer eenvoudig te volgen via de website van Servilux.






Caution: Usage and Safety Instructions

Follow these guidelines to help protect your projector from any damage and to ensure your own personal safety:
•The projector may suffer damage if it does not cool down properly after use. It is probable that lamp-life will be shortened if the following is not adhered to.
•When you have finished using the projector press the off button twice, you will hear the fan speeding up, DO NOT SWITCH the power OFF at this point. Wait until the red light on the projector starts flashing and the fan ceases to run. It is then safe to disconnect it from the power source. Not following this procedure might cause damage to your device.
•Do not touch the bulb or the lamp glass at any time. The bulb may explode due to improper handling.
•The lamp becomes very hot with use. Do not attempt to replace the lamp immediately after use. Replace the lamp only when the projector and the lamp are cold. If the projector has been running, switch it off and allow it to cool down for at least 30 minutes. Make sure you read and understand the instructions in your product user manual before attempting to change it.
•To reduce risk of injury to the eyes, do not look direct into the lens of the projector whilst it is switched on; the bright light may hurt your eyes.
•To reduce risk of injury to the eyes, do not look direct into the laser light on the remote control and do not point the laser beam into anyone’s eyes. This remote control contains a Class II laser product.
•Do not block the ventilation slots and openings on the projector.
•Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet if the projector is not used for a long period of time.
•Do not use the projector in an extremely hot, cold, or humid environment. Refer to the user´s manual to find out about the recommended temperatures for use, as well as the levels of humidity.
•Do not use the projector in areas susceptible to excessive dust and dirt.
•Do not use the projector near any appliance that generates a strong magnetic field.
•Do not place the projector in direct sunlight.
•To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not attempt to open the projector or repair it by yourself, except for lamp change.
 Always contact Optoma Technical Service.
•Always place the cover on the lens and make sure the support leg is retracted before moving the projector or placing the projector in its carrying case
•To avoid damaging the projector, turn it off and disconnect it from the electrical outlet before cleaning it. Use a soft cloth moistened with mild detergent to clean the display housing. Do not use abrasive cleaners, waxes, or solvents

Extended Warranties
•To protect your projector further, warranty extensions schemes maybe available from Optoma Europe and our agents.
•Optoma Europe also provide optional "Full Peace of Mind” warranty terms in some regions, offering collection and loan units
•For full details on extended warranty schemes pleases refer to website:

Optoma/ThemeScene® Warranty - Projectors
•Standard warranty for Optoma/ThemeScene® projectors can be one year, two years or three years and will vary according to country of purchase and model type.
•Please refer to the Optoma website in your country of purchase or to your dealer for details.
•Warranty may be "Return to Dealer”, "Collect and Return” or may be "Hot Swap”; refer to website.
•Warranty extensions are available. For costs and procedures refer to website.
•Lamp warranty for most Optoma/ThemeScene® projectors is normally limited to 6 months from date of purchase or 1000 hours; whichever is the sooner. This warranty may vary on some models, please see website or conditions of sale
•This limited warranty for the lamps is in accordance with normal industry standards, reflecting the fact that lamps are long-life consumables and that their life duration can vary according to the nature of use and the level of care taken by operator.
•This warranty period may vary on some models. Please refer to your local Optoma website.

Optoma warrants its products and their parts against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. Optoma and ThemeScene® projectors purchased in Europe, South Africa or Middle East, originating from Optoma Europe Limited are supplied with alimited warranty. Optoma projectors sourced outside of these regions are not covered by Optoma Europe limited.The warranty applies only to the products distributed by Optoma or its authorised dealers. You must retain the original bill of purchase or provide other proof of purchase. Optoma reserves the right to request a copy. Any replacement parts provided in fulfilment of this warranty have a 3-month warranty or until the original product warranty expires, whichever is the greatest. Extended warranty terms may be included in the price of this product or may be purchased separately. Please, see website "Extended Warranties”.

Optoma manufactures its hardware products from parts and components that are new in accordance with industry-standard practices. Optoma warrants that the hardware products it manufactures will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The standard warranty term commences from the first invoice date. This limited warranty does not cover damage due to external causes, including accident, abuse, misuse, problems with electrical power, servicing not authorised by Optoma, usage not in accordance with product instructions, failure to perform required preventive maintenance, and problems caused by use of parts and components not supplied by Optoma.

This limited warranty does not cover any items that are in one or more of the following categories: software, external devices (except as specifically noted); accessories or parts added to an Optoma system after the system is shipped from Optoma; accessories or parts that are not installed in the Optoma factory or Optoma Software and Peripherals products.

Limited Warranty Procedure

During the warranty period, beginning, on the date of the first invoice, Optoma will repair or replace products covered under the standard limited warranty that are returned to Optoma‘s facility.

To request warranty service, you must contact Optoma Customer Technical Service or their agent within the warranty period.

See "Contacting Optoma” on to find the appropriate contact information for obtaining customer assistance.
•If warranty service is required, Optoma will issue a Return Material Authorisation number (RMA). This form can be found on Optoma´s website. You must submit it adequately completed (along with the projector purchase invoice) to Optoma´s Service Centreor to Optoma (contact details on the website).
•You must ship the products back to Optoma in the original or equivalent packaging, prepay shipping charges and insure the shipment or accept the risk of loss or damage during shipment.
•Optoma will ship the repaired products to you freight prepaid. Optoma owns all parts removed from repaired products. Optoma uses new parts made by Optoma in performing warranty repairs and building replacement products. If Optoma repairs or replaces a product, its warranty term is not extended.

"Dead on Arrival"/Customer Reject

Dead on Arrival (DOA):
•Should your projector fail due to a manufacturing fault within 14 days from purchase, it is considered to be DOA.
•Under such circumstances, it is in your interests to return the unit to your point of purchase for replacement with a new unit.This is to protect your consumer rights.
•It is the consumer’s duty to return the unit in its original "new” condition, with no cosmetic marking or damage and with all packaging and all accessories included. Should you prefer a warranty repair, please follow the warranty procedure.

Limited warranty / DOA Limited warranty

This warranty does not include the following:

a) Any product whose serial number has been rendered illegible, has been modified or removed.
 b) Dead pixel within specification: dead pixels are inherent to projectors technology, all products with this defect conform to Optoma specifications.
 c) Intensive use: a normal use of a projector is defined as a maximum usage time of 8 hours per day. A usage higher than 8 hours per day will not be covered by Optoma warranty (parts, work or freight), unless agreed otherwise in writing.
 d) The warranty will be invalidated by use of modified spare parts, repaired or taken apart outside Optoma authorised service centres, as well as any damage caused by negligence or failing to carry out appropriate maintenance by the buyer, his customer, the end user, or in case of an act of God, natural occurrences or during transport.
 e) Any product that has been taken apart and/or opened.
 f) Any product that has been ceiling mounted in an improper fashion (for instance, ceiling mount with incompatible screws).

Statutory Rights

Optoma makes no other warranty, guarantee or like statement other than as explicitly stated above and this Guarantee is given in place ofall other guarantees whatsoever, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

In the absence of applicable legislation, this Guarantee will be the end user’s sole and exclusive remedy against Optoma or any of its affiliates, and neither Optoma or any other indirect or consequential loss arising from negligence, breach of contract, or howsoever.

This Guarantee does not impair or affect mandatory statutory rights of the end user against and/or any rights resulting from other contracts concluded by the end user with Optoma and/or any other seller.

Limitation of Liability

It is understood and agreed that Optoma’s liability whether in contract, in tort, under any warranty, in negligence or otherwise shall not exceed the return of the amount of the purchase price paid by the purchaser and under no circumstances shall Optoma be liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or lost profits, lost revenues or lost savings. The price stated for the products is a consideration in limiting Optoma’s liability. Any claim under this Limited Warranty must be made in writing within one calendar month in which the purchaser becomes aware or ought to have become aware of the events giving rise to the claim.

Transfer of Warranty

Should a projector be sold on by the original owner, the balance of the "return to base warranty” may be transferred to the new user provided that the original purchase documents are transferred to the new user also. This is necessary to show that the projector is within its warranty period.
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