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Barco CTPN-41B Body only


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The CTPN-41B is the perfect choice for your meeting and collaboration room. It not only allows meeting participants to easily share multiple windows in a single, crisp image, it perfectly blends in with your office interior too.

State-of-the-art projection

With its 3,800 lumens brightness, ultra-wide aspect ratio and Panorama (2,560 x 1,080) resolution, the compact CTPN-41B is brilliant in every way. Thanks to its extraordinary high resolution, it produces the sharpest images you've ever seen.

Detailed images on a panoramic canvas

Thanks to the CTPN-41B’s impressive image quality, high contrast and low noise levels, it improves collaboration and efficiency. Its 21:9 panorama aspect ratio is ideal to share all kinds of information in large meeting rooms, allowing meeting participants to collaborate locally or remotely on large data sets. The CTPN-41B provides installation flexibility for a wide variety of applications thanks to its wide range of inputs and high-performance lenses.

Remarkably silent

The CTPN-41B not only provides razor-sharp and stable images that allow you to concentrate better and focus longer, thanks to its low noise levels, working in an environment with front projection has never been more comfortable. With its optional noise reduction kit, you can even further reduce the projector’s noise level to an impressively silent 25dB(a).



techniek DLP
helderheid 3800  lumen
resolutie 2560x1808
ondersteuning 3D Nee
contrastratio 5300:1
geluidsniveau 30 dB
poorten & interfaces
aantal hdmi-poorten 1
vga Ja
dvi poort Ja
rs 232 Ja
s-video Ja
composiet audio-ingang Ja
composiet audio-uitgang Ja
Ingebouwde speakers Ja
12 volt trigger Ja
gewicht en omvang
breedte 342 mm
diepte 306 mm
hoogte 143 mm
gewicht 7500 gram
1-2 dagen
€ 10.527,00
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