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Celexon Mobil Expert Back (16:10) 244 x 152 cm


Celexon's folding frame screen Mobile Expert series is a very high quality, extremely robust screen, designed for multiple mobile applications. They are quick and easy to set up and will be delivered in a rugged flightcase.

- Rear projection fabric with a black border and black back and round fastening poppers
- One-piece aluminum folding frame, two-piece aluminum feet
- Quick and easy assembly without the use of tools
- Extremely stable and resistant
- Light weight due to aluminum construction
- Rugged flightcase with rotating metal clasps and wheels
- Storage bag for the screen fabric

The celexon folding frame Mobile Expert screen can be set up in minutes without using tools. The screen is fastened by poppers onto the front on the aluminum frame. The feet can be mounted at different heights and provide a stable stand. A flightcase protects the screen during transport and during storage.
Ideal for rental, large events, clubs, schools etc.


Algemene gegevens
Fabrikant Celexon
Garantie 24 maanden
Beeldverhouding 16:10
Horizontale groote beeld 244 cm
Verticale groote beeld 152 cm
Gain 1.2
Technische details
Type aandrijving Manual
Gewicht en omvang
Gewicht 29 kg
Breedte 244 cm
Hoogte 152 cm
3-4 dagen
€ 1.002,00
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