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D3 TG-series 55'' UHD-PCAB-DB touchtafel


The D3 T-Series stylish touch table is designed for multi-environment application

Its Direct Bonding anti-reflective display provides crisp images under any circumstances, even when light shines right on the display. The watertight anti-scratch surface makes the table suitable for any environment, from coffee table in a hotel lobby to school desk and from surgery monitoring table in hospitals to meeting room table in an office.


• Stylish design 55 inch UHD LED display
• PCAP / Direct Bonding technology
• Crisp images, independent of the type and direction of light
• Watertight and anti-scratch for multi-environment purposes
• Automatic Height Control System with 2 memory settings
• 180 degree screen rotation for multi-user effi ciency
• Optimized for 4-person use through 50 touch points
• EZ OPS ready
€ 11.977,79
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